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The Benefits You’ll Find
Coaching with Ky

Team Coaching

Stronger Integration

Personal Progression

Time Management to Anxiety

Positive Support

Without Bias or Expectation

The Plan

The Introduction

Step one is always this conversation. To see if we’re a fit for your goals, how realistic the programme is for your goals, or to see if there’s another option. It’s not invoiced and without obligation for this purpose.

Set our goals, actions and choose a direction

We begin our work together with this focus, as we proceed on to

Work Through Our Sessions Together

The core of coaching is this aspect. Or rather, these many aspects wherein we work on whatever areas you need to reach your objectives.

The most common are 90-minute sessions every 2 or 4 weeks (unless there’s a designated programme speed)

Review and Revisit

Our journey doesn’t just come to a halt.  We review and reflect on each aspect of your coaching towards the end, revisiting areas where we need to. 

Hopefully, we tick every box and move on.  But if circumstances mean we alter your coaching plan; then we can rearrange something to suit.

Hear from those who have worked with Ky

Available Coaching Programmes

Sometimes we have coaching goals which follow set patterns either due to a universal journey, or a manner or uniformity that’s beneficial. Here are some of those coaching programmes.

Brand Coaching Programme

Analysis Coaching Session
90 min
6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions
9hrs Total
As Needed Support Calls
4 x 30min

Leadership Coaching

Initial Programme
6 Months
Regular Sessions
Developed Partnership
2-Way or 3-Way 

Money Coaching

Identify & Understand Your Issues with Money
Improve Your Savings & Investments
Replace Harmful Patterns with Healthy Ones
Reduce Anxiety and Discomfort with Money

Why Ky?

So, am I right for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.  I realise the typical coach thing to do is scream Yes! Of course, I can help anyone! but as simply optimistic and fluffy as that might be, I’m too much of a realist to believe it.

If you’d like to find out…

a little about me

With over ten years of on-the-ground branding and marketing experience, a wealth of CPD (I love learning, so continuing professional development is a core attribute of mine), combined with my qualifications in coaching, brand strategy, and leadership; I feel confident that I can help almost anyone interested in my coaching range.

Phew.. long sentence! Deep breath… and…

My style of coaching is quite blended – which makes it hard to explain.  The simple version is that I work best tailoring to each client – adjusting my “toolkit” appropriately.  Some of those tools include assessments, some are questioning techniques, whilst others are physical activities.

Professional Memberships

Association for Coaching

Member (MAC)

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Professional Member

The Institution of Leadership & Management

Fellow (FinstLM)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Member (MCIM)

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