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Do you have Goals & Ambitions for 2021?

& what are you doing to ensure their success?

I’ve designed a
12 Week Coaching Programme
to help you achieve a great 2021

It’s a mix of exploration sessions to figure out what focus you need, 6 structured sessions to cast an eye over some pillars of your business,

Welcome to 2021

Are you feeling the pressure for 2021? Interestingly, I’ve found this quite split so far – some people are determined to make up for last year whilst others feel it’s too unpredictable to guarantee anything. Either way, it’s almost certainly the right time to put serious thought and effort into how you show up in your business.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a new 12-week programme for business owners and executives looking to excel. 

A Great Coaching Introduction

If you’ve not experienced much formal coaching or mentoring before, this is a great entry point.  Most of my clients have a more casual process for coaching session to session, depending on their goals and daily experiences. But this 12 weeks will give you an insight as to what’s possible and the areas we can explore together – it’s not all-inclusive, but is eye opening!

3 Session Types

The programme uses some exploration session to delve into what’s behind your work and to explore how you’ll take the learning forward in your business.  Combined with that, are 6 focused sessions on key areas affecting business owners and executives* as well as 4 freedom sessions to address anything you like!

I use the ILM Definition for business owners and executives:  coaching or mentoring clients working in a senior or complex role within their organisations and/or with responsibilities which may include (for example) significant management of resources, people, strategy or operations. The clients may also be unemployed, but have worked at this level.  ILM use the terms ‘executive’ and ‘senior’ to denote the level of role/s undertaken rather than the specific job title of ‘executive’ or ‘senior’ person.

My Tenets, My Direction, My Dreams

Exploration Session

Your first session starts here. We’ll look into your values, explore how they drive you or hold you back – generally discover their power within and upon you.  From there we’re going to analyse the direction your professional path is taking to get a firm footing of where it’s built from and where it points. From that point, we’ll touch on your dreams.  The ideal is that we go beyond the surface “I want to be a millionaire” and breakdown the why’s and hows, based on your tenets and current direction.

How I’ll Adapt, Implement, and Build

Exploration Session

This is the second 2-hour coaching session you’ll undertake – along with the tenets session, they’ll sandwich your overall coaching experience.
Our aim in this session is to look at how discoveries made over your coaching programme are processed and implemented. We’re going to look at how you have been adding each week’s insights to your work, and then how you might continue to do so in future. We’ll explore what has worked, what has not, what is missing from your adaptation processes, what you’re failing to implement, and how you’ll build these features into a strong future.

My Strengths & Resilience

Structured Session

It will not be a surprise to you that everyone has different strengths. Sometimes we’re absolutely aware of them and sometimes they remain entirely blind to us. Our goal in this session is threefold.

  1. With results from a previously completed psychometric, we’ll analyse what your strengths are and how you use them right now.
  2. Next, we’ll examine the effects your strengths could have – how you might correct those possibly overused, or learn to call up strengths you don’t utilise enough.
  3. We’re then going to talk about resilience, and how you can build upon it and depend on it.

With the information gleaned from your strengths breakdown, my hope is that you can utilise the knowledge of your own personal strengths to build and use the resilience so often needed in a career.

My Presence & Personal Brand

Structured Session

How do you show up? How do you want to be seen? Separated from your role or business – who are you? And perhaps more importantly, what aspects of you are connected to your personal life yet totally different from your professional one? This piece of work can be invaluable for those wanting to understand how others see them and to project what they need in work-life. The goal here is not to in any way be disingenuous or curate a veneer of falsehoods, but to really be aware of your power and be able to harness it for your agenda, or use it as a shield to protect you from being overly vulnerable.

My Leadership Culture

Structured Session

What does leadership mean to you and how is it implemented? Whether you already have a team of fifty and play a role in every community event you can, or you’re a hermit talking to a volleyball, leadership plays a part in your life. This session will be attuned to your existing levels of leadership to either examine and bolster your leadership attributes or help you define a leadership profile before you walk the walk. This combines work done in our Tenets session with your presense work to help develop a leader who is true to themselves and can show up true too.

The EQ of Self Awareness & Communication

Structured Session

EQ or Emotional Intelligence is a definite buzzword at the minute. But it’s just one part of self-awareness and relating to other people.  Our session focusing on this will allow you to examine the way you relate to others, how you process what happens around you, and how you can use these things to help.  Different from the Presence and Personal Brand session which is about projecting outwards, this session looks at what happens under the bonnet – your own emotional involvement, which gives you a deeper understanding of those around you.

My Habits and Routines

Structured Session

Almost every professional I’ve ever met has to actively spend time on this subject.  We are not perfect humans – but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to improve and adapt.  This week, we explore how you bring on new skills, practises or routines in an ever-changing world.  We discuss what worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t – then with answers discovered in your Strengths and Self Awareness sessions, we can build a pragmatic approach to future habit-forming to help you excel.

Resource Leveraging

Structured Session

How are you at accepting help?  What about delegation?  Do you take on too much or feel burdened? Or are you just scratching your potential because you’re not taking advantage of what’s around you?!  We all need to know how to accept help and how to allocate our resources to get the most from them.  This session is about taking a fresh look at how you do this in your life, and consider how well it’s working for you.  Ideally, we’ll finish the session leaving you with confidence in the support around you, ready and able to raise banners when needed.

Freedom Sessions

Coaching in Any Area

Perhaps you face a recurring problem you don’t know how to handle, something pops up unexpectedly, or maybe one of our structured sessions reveals something – the freedom sessions are just that.

Of course, if any of the structured sessions don’t appeal or aren’t an area you need help on, we can substitute them with additional freedom sessions to make sure you’re getting the most from your coaching experience.

Why Ky?

So, am I right for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.  I realise the typical coach thing to do is scream Yes! Of course, I can help anyone! but as simply optimistic and fluffy as that might be, I’m too much of a realist to believe it.

If you’d like to find out…

a little about me

With over ten years of on-the-ground branding and marketing experience, a wealth of CPD (I love learning, so continuing professional development is a core attribute of mine), combined with my qualifications in coaching, brand strategy, and leadership; I feel confident that I can help almost anyone interested in my coaching range.

Phew.. long sentence! Deep breath… and…

My style of coaching is quite blended – which makes it hard to explain.  The simple version is that I work best tailoring to each client – adjusting my “toolkit” appropriately.  Some of those tools include assessments, some are questioning techniques, whilst others are physical activities.

Professional Memberships

Association for Coaching

Member (MAC)

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Professional Member

The Institution of Leadership & Management

Member (MinstLM)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Member (MCIM)

To sum it all up:

6 Structure Coaching Sessions

worth up to £1’182

2 Exploration Sessions

worth up to £494

4 x Open Coaching Sessions

Worth Up to £588

Decision Making Psychometric, Report, & Review

worth £225

Strengths Psychometric, Report, & Review

worth £225

Resilience Psychometric, Report, & Review

worth £225

Depending on how you utilise this programme, it’s

usually worth £2’939

What’s the cost?

This whole package, with all the coaching sessions, the psychometric assessments, the introductory call, the associated reports, a welcome back and work book are included for:


or six payments of £350

Are you eligible for research rate discounts?

I’m hoping to create a coaching intervention for those from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds – so that those who grow up poor, don’t have to live in poverty forever, or pass it on to their kids as so often happens.  

To achieve this, I’ve got a number of steps lined up but right now – I just need to have conversations without agenda to see if I notice anything organically before diving into the complex side of things.  Your coaching experience is exactly the same as everyone else’s, I just need to ask a couple of extra questions at 3 points in your coaching and your permission to use your anonymous data.


or six payments of £90

Let’s book a chat!

No obligation or expectation.  It’s about seeing the fit.

Before I take on any coaching clients, they need to know and be comfortable working with me, and I need to know and be comfortable working with them.  As you might expect, after some of these calls people have said they’re not ready to begin right now, and after others, I’ve said that I don’t think I’m the right fit and often referred them on.

This isn’t a casual dinner-party introduction or the ever-popular 15-minute “discovery call”.  I ask that you set aside 90 minutes to go through this call, during which we’ll discuss:

  • What you hope to get from coaching
  • How coaching can help you
  • Where you’re at in your business/career
  • What goals/targets you’ve already considered
  • How I feel I could offer support
  • Where coaching might help close some gaps

Plus we’ll cover the logistics of how coaching would work, what happens before, during, then after sessions, and how we’d build the ideal coaching relationship.

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