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Build a Client-Attracting Brand
& Find Your Success 🥳

Your brand dictates the way you survive or don’t when selling, promoting, or relying on your coaching ability. 

Building your brand
also builds…


Increased Easier Selling

This isn’t just more revenue but a better client fit

Build Respect & Reliability

From the wider field of colleagues and within your clientelle

Rule Your Business

Brand strategy guides your path of future growth and daily operations

What does the programme involve?

One-to-One Coaching

Through 8 different session you’ll receive coaching, advice, and guidance to understand and build this valueable brand Book your free consultation

Research & Development

We’re not just slapping a few conversations in the calendar and calling it done! With guidance, you’ll get to know key elements of you business.

What You’ll Recieve

– Detailed Brand Book
– Brand Hierarchy & Priorities
– Future Direction
– Marketing/Sales Ideas
– Brand Voice & Tone
– Competition Analysis
– Customer Avatars
– Customer Strategies
– Brand Values
– Brand Mission

Buy beyond all this – you’ll know exactly what to do, in order to run and grow your brand.

What’ll it cost you?

–  9h+ for  Sessions
– Extra Research Time
– An Open Mind
– £1’495-£1’695

Arrange a Conversation

What will you learn, develop and have by the end?

The Terms and Areas we will cover 


Without these, you’re a nameless faceless corporate entity.

The tenets instilled in your business by the owner/leadership, which provide a driving force.


In an age of Corporate Responsibility – you’re judged on this.

The future your brand offers the world or those it comes into contact with.


Your assets to stronger working processes.

What your brand does to achieve its objectives and the guiding force behind operations.


Consider this a USP that isn’t about sales but is about community.

Why your brand exists.  (This is almost always non financial)

Brand Archetype

Get this right and advertising is 100x easier!

The core personality traits your business operates from and connects through. 


Consider position the difference between a top shelf whisky and bargain cider.

This is the point your brand sits within the market or industry.

Audience Avatars

This takes your ad-spend from an unmanned machine gun into an competition sniper.

The prototype of the clients or customers you want to be working with.

Competition Audit

A linchpin to many of your other assets?

A breakdown of who and what your competition is.  Not just the business but their brand assets (like we’re listing here).

Brand Presence

This is a template for everything you put out.

How your brand shows up in the real world.  The stature or personality traits it brings.

Brand Voice

The whole world of NLP screams this is important.

If you had an internal dictionary – this is it!  Does your brand use Xmas or Christmas? Does it capitalise by grammar or by emphasis? 

Naming Convensions

What’s in a name if customers don’t recognise it?

You may have a brand name already – this looks also at the way it’s used, where it’s possessive/active/controlled etc. 

Tagline and Slogans

Yes I said AND. No, I’m afraid they’re not the same thing.

One of your most powerful assets comes in the form of slogans and tagline. But how do you pick them?

If you’ve just read through this and not seen


Colour Palette


Corporate Identity





Business Cards

Social Media


Don’t worry – you’ve not missed anything.

The brand coaching programme is based entirely on The Brand and not on Branding.

  • The Brand:

    The core attributes that make up this business and how the organisation is perceived.

  • Branding:

    The visual, and sometimes vocal, elements which represent The Brand, painting a representation for your clients.

What Clients
Think of me?

  • Emily
  • Kathryn
    thank you
  • Chris
    Ky is a fantastic coach, he gets straight to the point but at the same time makes you think about what you are doing which in turn puts the knowledge you need firmly in your memory.
  • Shaziah Rehman
    Keep up the good work Ky. 🙂
  • Scarlett Fymruk
  • Simon Haggerty
    Ky helped me see past the walls I’d built for myself and into the potential of that I could be. It’s been so long since someone helped me challenge and address my disability at work instead of generic support statements and dismissals Thanks!!
  • Charlie Dixon-Prior
    Ky is great! And very passionate to support people and help support their vision and idea. I’d recommend anyone have a few sessions with Ky if they can
  • Dee
    Anyone who wants to progress their business or evaluate how to self improve to achieve goals .
  • TJ Gibbs
    Ky is my right arm in helping to grow my business. Whether it be coaching me to stay focussed and progressing a step at at time through to creative branding and marketing ideas to help my brand stand out and reach my target audience, I am able to rely on him. I feel lucky to have him as part of m…
  • Josh Thompson
    Keep helping the people who need it!
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