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Do you have a


Mission Statement?

Customer Demographic?

Brand Archetype?


Brand Position?

If not, or you’re underutilising these things,
it’s time to introduce my brand coaching programme!

A strong brand isn’t a pretty logo and nice font.  
It’s the map and compass to the running of your organisation.

There’s a reason start-ups pay thousands of pounds of brand strategy creation – and it’s not something that has to be out of your reach.

The core of this work helps you understand where you need to be to reach your clients, it helps you refine pricing and placement, it gives you the tools to develop a social media following, and becomes a go-to guide for evaluating tough situations.

The basic explanation of what you get is 

  • Professional understanding of the brand components.
  • Coaching to develop the true values from within (not have an elite agency choose what represents your brand).
  • Expert guidance in compiling it all into a unified strategy.
  • A coaching journal to record the process, help you develop, and revisit anything in future.
  • Professionally produced document of the final strategy.

Analysis Coaching Session

90 min

6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

9hrs Total

As Needed Support Calls

4 x 30min

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an established brand 10 years in or don’t even have a name yet. This programme brings value to any brand or company.

“I feel like Ky is part of my team trying to help me achieve greater things…”

— JJR – Brand Coaching & Mentoring Client, Hertfordshire

The Lexicon

The Terms and Areas we will cover 


Without these, you’re a nameless faceless corporate entity.

The tenets instilled in your business by the owner/leadership, which provide a driving force.


In an age of Corporate Responsibility – you’re judged on this.

The future your brand offers the world or those it comes into contact with.


Your assets to stronger working processes.

What your brand does to achieve its objectives and the guiding force behind operations.


Consider this a USP that isn’t about sales but is about community.

Why your brand exists.  (This is almost always non financial)

Brand Archetype

Get this right and advertising is 100x easier!

The core personality traits your business operates from and connects through. 


Consider position the difference between a top shelf whisky and bargain cider.

This is the point your brand sits within the market or industry.

Audience Avatars

This takes your ad-spend from an unmanned machine gun into an competition sniper.

The prototype of the clients or customers you want to be working with.

Competition Audit

A linchpin to many of your other assets?

A breakdown of who and what your competition is.  Not just the business but their brand assets (like we’re listing here).

Brand Presence

This is a template for everything you put out.

How your brand shows up in the real world.  The stature or personality traits it brings.

Brand Voice

The whole world of NLP screams this is important.

If you had an internal dictionary – this is it!  Does your brand use Xmas or Christmas? Does it capitalise by grammar or by emphasis? 

Naming Convensions

What’s in a name if customers don’t recognise it?

You may have a brand name already – this looks also at the way it’s used, where it’s possessive/active/controlled etc. 

Tagline and Slogans

Yes I said AND. No, I’m afraid they’re not the same thing.

One of your most powerful assets comes in the form of slogans and tagline. But how do you pick them?

If you’ve just read through this and not seen


Colour Palette


Corporate Identity





Business Cards

Social Media


Don’t worry – you’ve not missed anything.

The brand coaching programme is based entirely on The Brand and not on Branding.

  • The Brand:

    The core attributes that make up this business and how the organisation is perceived.

  • Branding:

    The visual, and sometimes vocal, elements which represent The Brand, painting a representation for your clients.

If you’re aware that











Naming ,


is important and oftentimes highly profitable…

but haven’t yet harnessed their ability to support your business – the brand coaching programme is for you

“Ky is my go to person for branding. He has created the most amazing branding strategies for my personality to seamlessly blend with my multiple business ventures while each brand can boldly stand alone.”

— Ursula – Brand Client, California

brand coaching

Want to book a chat to see if it’s right for you?

If brand coaching feels like it could be right for you, then we should talk.  Click the link and we’ll schedule a 60-90 minute chat where we can get a feel for each other and find out if this is the programme for you, and if I’m the coach to help!



How long are the sessions?

Each of the 1:1 sessions will be 90 minutes long.  We generally run one per week with homework going on in the background.

There’s a definite time commitment on the client end we’ll discuss.

When will the sessions run?

Ideally at the same time each week for the 1:1 sessions.  With the phone calls, they’re in-place to support you with the homework and research done between sessions.


What kind of support is available?

That’s up to you!  Each client tends to use their coaching session differently.  At times I’m a signpost and source of facts, at others, I’m a midwife to the brands.  Whatever you’re most comfortable with.

What advice do you give?

Unlike most coaching programmes, quite a lot!  My expertise in brands and my background helping clients define their businesses is one of the reasons this coaching works!

This doesn’t mean it’s a training course!  I can’t give you your brand and expect it to become a success.  I can help you find out what a brand needs to be truly yours and help you craft it to succeed. 


What does challenge mean in this context?

On the softer end, it can be prodding on whether you’ve considered how well a value plays a part in your life, and thus your brand.  On the harder end, I blatantly call out bullshit (generally, this bs comes from self-doubt that doesn’t reflect your true abilities or business plans on the back of envelopes!).

This is always contracted; i.e. you let me know how much or little you want for best results!

How will challenge be useful?

Think of it like the route you might drive to work every day.  You’ve done this commute for 20 years, you know it inside and out, so you stick to it.

Then I’m the roadworks that challenge that route and force you to explore other options.  You might discover a shorter route you didn’t know about, learn of a new restaurant or shop as you drive by that become important to you, or just enjoy taking another route.  When the road-works end and the challenge is gone, you may choose to use something new or return to that route you’ve always known – more secure than ever in it being the right decision for you; and in our case for your business.


What will this cost?

I want to begin by making sure you’re thinking value not fee, here.  So first – what’s the value of a fully realised brand?  If you could reach customers with the authenticity and strengths of some of the big key companies in our culture – what could that do?

You DON’T need to be Google, Dove, or Cocacola to reach the right customers because of your brand.  Some of the strongest brands come from small, local, family-owned establishments which become staples of a community.

But really now…?

This package has a total cost of £1400.

You’re welcome to apply for financial support from the Post-Covid Recovery Fund I established this year if needed, but there are no guarantees there.

Any questions left?

If you have some questions but aren’t yet ready to jump into a full 60-90 minute session, you can drop me an email or book a quick call here:

Why Ky?

So, am I right for you? Maybe yes, maybe no.  I realise the typical coach thing to do is scream Yes! Of course, I can help anyone! but as simply optimistic and fluffy as that might be, I’m too much of a realist to believe it.

If you’d like to find out…

a little about me

With over ten years of on-the-ground branding and marketing experience, a wealth of CPD (I love learning, so continuing professional development is a core attribute of mine), combined with my qualifications in coaching, brand strategy, and leadership; I feel confident that I can help almost anyone interested in my coaching range.

Phew.. long sentence! Deep breath… and…

My style of coaching is quite blended – which makes it hard to explain.  The simple version is that I work best tailoring to each client – adjusting my “toolkit” appropriately.  Some of those tools include assessments, some are questioning techniques, whilst others are physical activities.

Professional Memberships

Association for Coaching

Member (MAC)

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Professional Member

The Institution of Leadership & Management

Fellow (FinstLM)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Member (MCIM)
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