I’m a professional coach 
with a focus on small business, brand & leadership.

Director Level Coaching

My default business coaching package. It’s a great option for those who want a generalised business coaching experience. Suited best to owners but executives can be tailored to, also.
  • Ideal for

    Business owners, company directors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Focus

    Business development, establishing strategy, integrating personal development, and managing day to day expectations of a stressful role.

Brand Coaching

Brand coaching is an emerging area of the coaching industry.  By all accounts. the idea of spending 6 months establishing core depths to your brand values would have been unheard of 20 years ago.  Yet, today’s experts repeatedly showcase data that shows deep core values equal loyal repeat clients.

  • Ideal for

    Brand owners, those with a significant personal brand, those looking for a deep brand connection.
  • Focus

    Developing core brand values, establishing band practises, and strengthening purpose.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders are not born, are not summoned from realms unknown, and rarely get promoted to their positions for leadership skills alone.  More often than not, leaders have little to no previous experience before becoming responsible for others – that’s where coaching enters.

  • Ideal for

    Managers, community leaders, role models, and those wanting to achieve similar positions.

  • Focus

    Developing leadership skills, establishing leadership styles and helping clients learn about themselves.

Looking for something more generic or specialised elsewhere?

These three packages are the typical areas I coach in.  They’re designed to provide a simple service that’s easy to quantify and understand.  The vast majority of the time they do what they need to do without issue, and that’s why I use them. (if you do need personal/relationship coaching, I can recommend The Love Coach.)

However, that’s not all I do. My coaching training and background means that I am able to assist in many areas of professional coaching.  I don’t offer life coaching or interpersonal coaching on a non-professional level.  It’s non-directive business based coaching.

Does all this waffle mean something? Yes! Essentially, if none of those above packages means something to you, don’t let it put you off.  Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know whether I’m your ideal coach or not.


Yes, I am trained and experienced in mentorship but no, I don’t offer it out generally. 

For me, being a mentor is more than just the practice.  I have to feel that the specialised skill set you’re looking to develop is in line with my ability and experience.  

Usually, I wouldn’t consider a mentee until they’d been a coachees for a few sessions first.

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