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4 Powerful Reasons to Find a Business Coach Today

4 Powerful Reasons to Find a Business Coach Today

In the great scheme of things, business coaching is baby! Many businesses, particularly those that think of people first, are realising a business coach is an essential asset your business can utilise.

Let’s explore reasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 as to why you should want a business coach.

1 Business coaching can boost your productivity whilst reducing your stress


If you’re a typical part of a business in modernity, you work too many hours and compromise your personal time with work worries. Maybe you’re part of the clan which feel compelled to stay at the grindstone, feeling guilt or fear at stepping away!

It doesn’t matter what you call coaching – executive coaching, small business coaching, business coaching and there are others – crux is that any one of these will help your firm to evolve in its efficiency. Getting the same work done in less time, bringing in more returns. A business coach can help your old business model evolve into a new, powerful, profitable business.

2 Business Coaching Can Lead to Increased Revenue

business coach

Would you like more money? Is it time to go and make some? If your profits aren’t in that golden range you dream of, then maybe it’s time to do something about that? This is a key role for business coaches, especially with solopreneur and microbusiness wonders. Together, you can breathe new life and direction into the business – using your passion and knowledge to explore how things can be improved and where efficiencies are available. Very few coaches arrive with magic wands – and we’re not talking miracles here. Simply utilising a specialist (you!) through exploring your current situations.

3 Business Coaches Play a Role in Team-Development

team meeting

Is leadership important to you? Are you a master of assets exchanging time and expertise purely for a payslip, or a leader of people who seek more fulfilment in their jobs than a bank balance? You have already built the team to help your business thrive – and that’s a great accomplishment. But a business coach can help you go further in developing yourself as a leader and tackling new issues that arise with a staff in a vibrant workplace.

There’s another important consideration here – and that’s that most people in management or leadership positions didn’t get there for being good leaders! After all, it’s the chicken and the egg all over again. They are often there because they have other market-favoured skill which makes them great at their job. Leading may only be a side element to that, but it doesn’t preclude you from empowering those you work with.

4 Business Coaches Help with The Emotional Connect

business emotional connect

It’s very easy for work to feel like just that – work! Even the smallest amount of stress can be a significant drain on the passion, motivation, inspiration and vision of the business. Coaching gives you a space to process that stress – Pac-Man style (taking little bites out of it until that obstacle in front of you is empty space! We can’t help with the ghosts though). Working with a coach can let you explore ideas without fear of failure, consider alternatives without facing defeat, envision a future without being constantly grounded by reality. All those ingredients which ultimately mix your soul back into the business.

There’s no question that a business coach is an investment. It’s an investment in yourself, in the business, in future. We can dress it up and give it an inspirational soundtrack as you walk into the horizon brimming with success – but at the end of the day, it involves putting your hand into your pocket. Finance is often an obstacle, especially in smaller businesses – and coaching is often one of those things you promise to do when the financial situation changes.

But tell me this – if you don’t change anything, what do you expect to change?

June 19, 2020


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