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Post-Covid Business Recovery Coaching – Funded Coaching to Bring Businesses Back To Health

Post-Covid Business Recovery Coaching – Funded Coaching to Bring Businesses Back To Health

The vaccines are starting to flow which is a breath of fresh air to the many businesses that have been struggling to adapt to lockdown scenarios. Business recovery coaching will help you to bring your businesses back to health. Beyond the adaptation is the reinvention. Not only are we never going back to the way things were before 2020, we’re advancing upon a future that won’t all be soft serves. The KPMG report “The future of towns and cities post Covid-19” outlines some of its predictions and deductions to help create a picture of what lies ahead. It’s a study of 100 towns and cities in England analysing post-Covid vulnerability of which Hemel Hempstead was ranked as second-most-vulnerable.

What does this mean for Hemel?

I don’t want to regurgitate the report – though I do recommend reading it to anyone who is even slightly interested. But to me at least, the short takeaway is this. Whilst the picture painted for my hometown isn’t exactly dismal, it’s certainly only positive after a period of reinvention and transformation. We are going to see a loss of jobs and a diluting of commercial property rates and rents. Our entertainment and leisure options are going to need new focus, growth and innovation to develop and be sustainable. And finally, our transport links are now an additional facet – not a major draw to the Hertfordshire town.

Where does coaching come in?

two girls in coaching

As is attested on practically every page of my website, coaching is a way for business owners and executives to expand their personal resources, area of approach. And to bring new ideas, drive, and focus to their work. There is no argument that with all that these businesses have to cope with right now, extra support can be significantly beneficial.

I have five years’ experience in coaching and I am currently a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, the Association for Coaching, and the Institute of Leadership & Management. I’m currently completing my post-graduate diploma in senior executive coaching and mentoring and I am also certified in a range of advanced tools and techniques to enhance the scope from which my clients can understand their business, their interactions and more.

How is it “Funded”?

At present there are four primary methods of funding:

  1. Grants & Donations
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Personal Input
  4. Self Funding

This list isn’t set in stone and I am open to any other avenues that will open this programme up to as many who need it as possible.

1. Grants & Donations

I have applied to 5 organisations thus far for funding. Within these applications I’ve stated, much the same as here, that the goal is to give access to coaching to those who need it!

Except where it’s a conditional requirement, I will not release the organisations to which I’ve applied or from which I receive funding. This is between myself and those bodies. The only exceptions to this will be the verification required from coaching recipient – not something I’ve had yet but it is something I’m open to.

2. Sponsorship

business sponsorship

Any companies looking to help small businesses, community, or charities in the area are welcome to sponsor set business recovery coaching places or simply make a financial donation to the cause as above. This can be directed, for example, to support their own employees, to assist local authority personnel or to go to community projects and commissions.

Excluding cases where I create an agreement between a company and their employee I’m coaching, there’s no further involvement! If Acme Ltd is generous enough to support the business recovery coaching for an organisation like Forget Me Not Memory Boxes, Acme is welcome to make the payment and receive a signed confirmation statement from the coachee at FMNMB who received the coaching. That’s it.

As above, unless it’s required I won’t be shouting about who offers funds here though sponsors are more than welcome to talk about their generosity publicly. This is to avoid any undue reciprocity or expected result within the relationships.

3. Personal Input

The rest comes from me. I have been involved in community projects and supporting small businesses for so many years now that’s it’s just ingrained into my business practice. This is going beyond that of course.

Anyone’s coaching that is funded from this project will be paid up to 50% using the funds and support received, with the remainder from myself. The only place that is not the case is when third-party tools have to be purchased – but those are always optional.

4. Self Funding

So doesn’t that also mean that anyone can get half-price business recovery coaching? Yes! At least, in part.

There are certain requirements to discounted coaching, as there always are. For example, as the coach, I always have to have confidence in the relationship to be able to proceed, so I can decline any coaching relationship I don’t think I’ll be useful in. In addition, you’d need to meet the coachee requirements below.

How can I support this?

GREAT! I’d love your support. I’ve set up a form through the link below, which will book us in a chat. From that, we can discuss what resources you’d like to contribute and how you’d like to proceed.

Who can receive business recovery coaching?

As I said above, it’s not a freebie and there needs to be some criteria and dedication to ensure the support is well placed. To that end, here’s the basic (though flexible) criteria I’m asking:

getting business coaching
  • 60-80% of coachees must operate their role within Hemel Hempstead or in some way contribute to the Hemel Hempstead community,
  • Coachees must have influence within their role. This means they make some or all of the decisions within the business they work. This can be as mild as managing their own team.
  • Coachees must commit. There are requirements asked of them in sticking to their sessions, following through with their intended actions and keeping the minimal admin up to date.
  • This can’t be mixed with any other discounted coaching
  • It is not guaranteed or promised to anyone and may be declined or rescinded by myself without explanation. Whilst this is unlikely, I don’t want to leave a loophole for abuse when another can benefit from the support.

There are organisations that have certain requirements such as you might need to be living within Dacorum, come from a certain protected class or in receipt of particular benefits/tax credits. These only shape where the funding comes from not whether you’re eligible for business recovery coaching.

How do I apply for this coaching?

Simply fill in this page here, and we’ll have a chat about how business recovery coaching can help you! That’s it!

February 19, 2021


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