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Career Coaching for Glorious Purpose. Here’s 80’000 hours – go do something Amazing.

Career Coaching for Glorious Purpose. Here’s 80’000 hours – go do something Amazing.

Career coaching is one of those areas most people don’t pay attention to. A huge shame considering the commitment we show towards our careers. What can you do with 80’000 hours?

If someone gives you that kind of time, is there anything you can’t do with it? If we’re asked to achieve something in a couple of days – it all depends, sure. But in 80’000 hours you can achieve amazing things? It’s not continuous either – you’ll have breaks, sleep, holiday, work-life balance around it. So there it is – over 9 years of your dedicated attention, inspiration, creativity, and productivity. What are you going to achieve?

If you’re currently rolling your eyes and thinking that it’s all irrelevant – hypothetical bullcrap, then I really don’t blame you! I’m quite the cynic myself and would possibly think the same! But here’s the thing – you HAVE been handed that 80’000 hours. It’s your career. But you know this – and how often have you dedicated time to career coaching?

Your Career

Career coaching with future planning in mind

Over our lives, we spend 80’000+ hours working. Whether you’re part-time feeding the nation at the Golden Arches or manning the desk at number 10 Downing Street – it all stacks together to be one career, yours. So what are you going to do with yours? What have you achieved so far? What’s next? What would you do if you could hit restart on that 80’000 hours? Now how can you adapt it with career coaching for the remaining time?

I know, I know – I’m throwing loads of questions at you and do you really have the time to answer them? I bet you’re skipped through them with barely a thought going through your subconscious before reading the next line. Because people can’t just sit about thinking about their careers, right?

Well, maybe they should. The amount of time we spend planning is huge. We chat about holidays relentlessly, planning every minute detail. It’s almost expected that house-hunting plus the subsequent move will take over your life and of course – you might live in that place for years! Let’s not delve into the wedding planning aspect too far, that one, albeit very important, day is almost expected to be a full-time job… But what of your actual full-time job? Or part-time job, or volunteerism?

Working Through Jobs

The job-for-life concept is well and truly dead. They’re unicorns. But on the whole, people are happy about it. It’s pretty accepted that you’ll spend a couple of years, maybe 5-7 if it’s a long stretch, in a role and then look for what’s next. This is where, in my opinion, it all falls to crap. You get to the right time, search the job market – apply to many, interview for a few, get one. Where’s the logic in that?! It has all the functional pragmatism of restocking the office stationary cupboard from car-boot sales!

What if we changed all that? What if, instead of running headlong into the next job search hoping it’ll lead to the career of your dreams by accident (statistics aren’t in your favour here!), you sat down with a careers coach, or life coach, or business and executive coach with an excellent range of hair colour variations (hi there!) and worked out what you want to do. What you want to be. What you want to spend 80’000 years of your life doing – and the impact you want to leave in the world around you!

The Career Equation®

Building on some of the sensational work of Erica Sosna of Career Matters, author of The Career Equation, I have a career coaching process that helps put you back in the directors’ chair of your career. As always, I’m not going to promise you’ll get what you want or disillusion you with ridiculous guarantees, but I can assure you, we’ll have a healthy, happy, and functional look at your career and help you form the basis of your future.

With these career coaching exercises and processes, you’ll develop an amazing array of knowledge and information to guide you going forward. You’ll have a set of tools to evaluate future career decisions, you’ll be armed with confidence in career negotiations, and what’s more, you’ll know where you’re going next.

I don’t have time

Before you start kicking it down the road until it’s that mythical “better time”, just bare in mind how often you’ve arrived at a fork in the career road without a map. How often you’ve had the luxury of making informed selections in career matters. When you’ve had the luxury of applying for any job in the world you’ve wanted – not just those currently advertising a vacancy, which you might be in with a shot for.

Career Coaching isn’t for me

I am a coach with a focus on business and executive coaching. In that role, I frequently see people who run their own business and as such believe career coaching doesn’t apply because they are self-employed and have no career. As well as those who see their executive positions as a stopping point – they already have a career, it’s a bit late to plan – right? Wrong! A career is a collection of your time in employment – however that structures. We have an amazing ability to adapt to planning, we just need to keep striving towards what we want. When we don’t know what that is, we look to personal and professional development to unfold it.

What will I get from it?


You shall become burdened with glorious purpose! Bit much? Okay…

In short, we want to get you to a place where you know what your skills are, and the kind of place or way you want to work. We want to really pay attention to the legacy you’ll leave on the world and ensure you’ll fill your 80’000 hours with passion! So we’ll be planning around that.

Through this, we’ll hopefully identify a career track that really speaks to you! If that’s the case, we’ll use several coaching methods to arrange to get you to that point. If not, no problem! You don’t need to know what you’re going to do every day for the next 60 years! But we’ll have a framework from which you can decide whether you’re happy with the work you’re doing! It’ll help you choose where to go next, how to accomplish all that you want – and to always be on the look out for those next steps. The days of waiting until your job becomes untenable to take the next step, are well and truly over!

If you’d like more support after this, we’ll transition from career coaching to executive coaching and keep that ball rolling!

Okay, I want Career Coaching – now what?

Get in touch! If you start by filling in a (very quick, I promise) form to get the ball rolling.

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June 23, 2021


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