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Leader or Loafer – 4 Important Differences.

Leader or Loafer – 4 Important Differences.

Do you consider yourself a leader in your industry or speciality?

I’ve known many who call themselves leaders. I’ve seen that most of these “leaders” are no more than loafers. The loafers are those who like to give direction, tell you what to do, but take no action to advance their business or improve themselves.

Sound like anyone you know? Perhaps there’s something in your leadership that reflects this? Or those higher-ups you’re working for who have their loaf tendencies.

Leader or Loafer

If you’re wondering where the difference lies, here are some examples:

Leader: Encourages his/her team and bestows praise easily
Loafer: Points out every issue and begrudges pats on the back

Leader: Expects more of himself than others in his team
Loafer: Has high expectations for those who work for him but doesn’t hold that standard himself

Leader: Leads by example and is a role model for her team
Loafer: Goes with the flow, avoiding notice from others

Leader: Has a succinct view of herself within the business and leads new teammates through the growth process (onboarding, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)
Loafer: Looks to add people to her team quickly, expecting the other team members to pick up the integration processes without her (AKA a “Sign & Drop”)

Do you see any of these tendencies within you or your teammates? Be honest here – a key to leadership is highlighting inward issues and eliminating these going forward.

Leader or Loafer?

Remember – a leader must be there for their followers – growth and development become watchwords for their role. Above all, to lose integrity or fail to stand when integrity falls around them, is the mark of a loafer, not a leader. You are an example to those who follow.

Let me ask you one last time… Are you a leader or a loafer?

July 2, 2020


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