Leadership Coaching

Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.

Seth Godin
Who’s It For?

Managers, Employers, Leaders


6 Month or 12 Months


Begin to Lead not Order

In Leadership Coaching our goal is to develop the inate skills you have, combine with a few new assets, and help you become the leader you needed when you began.

The Leadership Coaching Process

The 6-month programme consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions per month (every other week). One of those is dedicated to Direct Leadership Coaching and the other to more generalised Business Coaching.

The Direct Leadership Coaching

In these sessions, we explore your current leadership style – this is part discussion, part assessments, with a little situational roleplay where needed.  We’ll look at what leadership means to you, the competencies you can utilise or acquire, look at balancing the strengths and weaknesses in teams, to name but a few areas.  With each client, I create a “personal development plan” so the differences from session to session are client-focused. 

The Business Coaching Sessions

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and to approach it as though we can just run through leadership basics and hocus pocus does the rest is naive.  By helping address your challenges as a day-to-day executive, including leadership, we can properly integrate your leadership development into your work.  I operate fairly informally with business coaching clients – having found that it’s more conducive to progress; so feel free to disregard any preconceptions about any stiff conversation. Learn more about business coaching here.


Leading Through Change

One of the optimal times to employ leadership coaching is during a period of change.  It may sound oxymoronic – got enough on your plate?  But implementing a new leadership style takes a real-life challenge.  

Business Owners

Manage vs Lead

Many business leaders have an innate level of leadership within them – after all, it’s part of what leads you to launch that business.  But much like the other strings in your bow, you need to recognise that it takes attention to develop those skills.  Not only do you need to lead staff around you but to be a leader in your industry

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Step one, book a chat.  Let’s see if my coaching service is right for you and if your situation is one I can help with.

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