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Discover more about your unconscious patterns and behaviours with money, and how the 8 Money Archetypes can help you build a more financially successful future. 

The Warrior Money Archetype
Innocent Money Archetype
Tyrant Money Archetype
Martyr Money Archetype
Magician Money Archetype
Creator Artist Money Archetype
Fool Money Archetype
Victim Money Archetype

The Money Coaching Programme

Money coaching doesn’t have a defined limitation or timeline – and can be of wide use in any part of your life that has you using or relating to money!

This programme is about an entry.  The 6-part programme combines the 4 primary sessions of money coaching plus a further 2 sessions on taking all that you’ve learned forward.

Identify & Understand Your Issues with Money

A lot goes into forming our relationship with money. This Coaching Programme helps understand what that consists of and where it came from.

Replace Harmful Patterns with Healthy Ones

We’ll uncover what trips you up financially and find ways to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Improve Your Savings & Investments

Experts advise us to have at least 3 months of living expenses in savings.  Low-income earners have less than £100 in savings, and 1-in-5 over 55-year-olds have less than £1000. (Bank of England/Raisin)

Reduce Anxiety and Discomfort with Money

The spectrum of money apprehension and anxiety is huge.  Some feel uncomfortable earning money or having it, others feel fearful without something coming in – but it’s not necessary.  Money coaching can help bypass this anxiety and form new patterns.

Discover Blind Spots

Have you ever searched for your keys and not found them under your nose? When you look that hard and don’t notice something, what does that say about an area you don’t pay close attention to, like finances?

Reach Your Money Goals

That which is measured is achieved.  By setting and aiming for money goals, you can become more confident, in command, and prosperous in financial dealings. 

The Money Archetypes

These aren’t personality profiles or any reflection of you as a person, simply, they’re the most common ways in which we each handle money. Alone, they’re not good or bad – but something useful we can learn from.

The Fool Quote
The Magician Quote
The Innocent Quote
The Creator Quote
The Victim Quote
The Tyrant Quote
The Martyr Quote


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