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What does high-quality coaching cost?

This year (2020) I’ve decided to trial a tariff pricing. In the past, I’ve offered pro-bono services and volunteer hours, but there are so many levels between that and those who can pay full price for business coaching.

These prices are per session, based on 2 sessions a month for a minimum of 6 months.  The first session is always free as it’s a bit of a chemistry meeting to see how we connect – it allows you to see if I’m the right coach for you and for me to see if you’re the right client for me.

  • Donation Rate
    This rate is specifically for those who are fiscally affluent and want to give something back. You can sponsor another coachee who will benefit from coaching.
    Programme Total: £3’528
  • Standard Rate
    This is the standard rate per session. Select this rate if coaching is within you budget and you’re ready to invest in your future.
    Programme Total: £3’528
  • Dropped Rate
    You’re welcome to apply for this dropped rate if you’re lacking the disposable income for a greater commitment at this stage, but are ready for coaching.
    Programme Total: £1’200 – £1’560
  • Support Rate
    Apply for coaching at the support rate if you are financially unable to afford the standard rate, have very limited disposable income, but feel coaching is an important next step for you.
    Programme Total: £600 – £960
  • Free+ Rate

    Applications for this level of support should only be considered if you are in real financial hardship but fully ready for the commitment. As you can see, it’s a rate invites you to still pay what you can, even if it’s only £10 for example, as my experience has demonstrated that the smallest of gestures can impact engagement.
    Programme Total: up to £360

Please Note

A few terms and considerations

None of these discounted rates is guaranteed to anyone. You will be asked to share why you’re choosing the rate, and I reserve the right to withdraw the discounted rate if it is being abused.

This works on a ratio system.  For every one Y-Rate client application accepted, I need to have two Z-Rate clients.  Demand for the Free+ coaching is naturally, quite high so there would be a waitlist.

Rates are purely at my discretion and without justification.  If your situation improves during our coaching, let me know and we can easily bump you up to a smaller discount, enabling someone else to benefit from the lower fees.

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