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Career Coaching
Taking the helm of your working life.

Career Coaching gives you a toolkit and metric to help you decide what you want to do with your life today, tomorrow, and throughout your career.

If you’re serious about your career development, we can combine the coaching with psychological and behavioural assessments, for long term planning and success:

What’s the Career Coaching Process?

Defining whatever form of success you want and mapping the route to get there.  Whether you’re looking to pilot a mission to Mars or become a McDonald’s crew member. It’s entirely personal

Reflect on Your Experience

We start the first session with a look behind you – your career to date.  This is a total combination of your elected education and any employment/self-employment.  We find patterns and uncover ideas.

Look Within

For obvious reasons, it’s imperative that we look to you.  What can you do? What have you done? What do you want? What makes a difference to you? What do you care about? All this, as much as those elements you don’t want – all go together to make your priorities. 

Define & State Your Career Future

It’s hard to reach your success if you don’t define it.  That’s what we’ll do at this phase – building on your previous experiences, combining your skills and passions and benchmarking those against the type of work-place you want.

Set Your Compass and Go

When we know what you want, the next step is to get you there.  This coaching session works in a simple context of working towards the goal. From here you can combine career coaching with any assessments and psychometrics, business coaching, brand coaching, or other development to achieve the future you desire.

Combined Your Career Coaching with Fresh Insights

I use each of the BeTalent’s gaggle of psychometrics and assessments to help clients gain new understanding and better adapt to their futures.

BeTalent conducts extensive psychological research into the way we work as individuals and within organisations.  With the tools they develop, we can refine your career trajectory.

Resilience Certified

Winning Attitude

Winning Attitude is a questionnaire and card sort exercise designed to identify an individual’s state of mind and attitude towards success against the 10 attributes of a Winning Attitude.


BeTalent Resilience consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise, designed to identify 9 elements of emotional wellbeing and resilience.


Strengths have proven time and again to be the best area for focused improvement.  By establishing someone’s primary strengths, we can help them orient their lives and requirements around them for best results.

Decision Styles

Decision Styles consists of a questionnaire and card sort exercise designed to identify the 10 factors of decision making, problem solving and judgement of an individual.

Culture Fit

To quote Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”.  This questionnaire helps understand the core beliefs of an individual, to help them integrate with the culture of an organisation.

Inspiring Leader

What kind of leader are you? What kind of a leader do you want to be? Utilising the BeTalent Inspiring Leader tools helps answer these questions and refine your leadership intent to greater success.


Most workplaces require a well-integrated team for best performance.  But we all work differently within teams. Using this BeTalent tool, we can integrate each of those working preferences to create more effective teams

Blended 360-720

We know that accepting and acting on quality feedback is the best way to learn – especially when it comes to blind spots and things people are intimidated to share.  That’s where the Blended 360 is most valuable – helping you interpret this.

Psychological Safety

This is, in my opinion, a truly pioneering tool for clients looking to continually enshrine psychological safety in their workplaces.  Not only are such workplaces more productive, with fewer staff issues/absences, but most importantly, protect the mental health of your workforce.

What Career Coaching is Not

It’s worth emphasising that this is Career Coaching – helping you identify the work you want to do and how you want to be doing it. It’s not career advice.  What you won’t find is a stack of university brochures, CV writing services, or HR contacts and connections. Coaching can support you through this but not do it for you. Leading on from this work, Ky can help with:

A toolkit to return to throughout your career. 

Cost and Options

I would suggest booking a call before deciding on this process, and certainly don’t decide on price. Let’s see the value it presents to you before weighing it against a number of pounds.

Intense & Condensed


Whilst this isn’t the ideal way for significant change to occur, I understand some people don’t have the luxury of time to define what they want to do with their lives.

  • 3 Hours of Coaching
  • Copies of notes and reports for future use
  • A statement of career ideals by the end of the session
  • Progress follow-up call in 30 days

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Careers Programme


Per session / per month

Taking your time to process this coaching can be far more effective for your long-term development.  I’ve set these at one per month, for 3 months – however, you can space them as suits you.

  • Pay per session – as few or many as you like
  • Add sessions for specific psychometrics/assessments (from £50)
  • Combine with business/brand coaching
  • Develop a greater career understanding
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