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Coaching Supervision

Welcome to Ky Teasdale’s Coaching Supervision service!

Offering services to practising coaches, mentors, and consultants looking to enhance their services and self-reflection. 

Finding your supervisor

As a trusted coach and mentor, Ky offers professional support, guidance, development, and growth for coaches like you. With Ky’s coaching supervision, you can enhance your coaching practice and take it to new heights. By providing a safe and confidential space, Ky helps you explore your coaching skills, reflect on your client interactions, and unlock your full potential as a coach. Through regular sessions, Ky will help you navigate challenges, refine your coaching techniques, and develop strategies for success. With Ky by your side, you can overcome obstacles, gain fresh perspectives, and continuously improve your coaching skills. Take advantage of Ky Teasdale’s Coaching Supervision service and elevate your coaching practice today!

Coaching Supervision – ideal for you?

Are you a coach looking for support, guidance, and professional development? Look no further! Ky’s Coaching Supervision service offers a safe and nurturing space for coaches to explore their practice, grow their skills, and enhance their overall performance. With a wealth of experience in the coaching industry, Ky is committed to helping coaches reach their full potential and excel in their profession.

Getting Started


Ky is an experienced and knowledgeable coaching supervisor dedicated to supporting and guiding coaches in their personal and professional journeys. With an in-depth understanding of various coaching techniques and methodologies, Ky provides valuable insights and recommendations tailored to each coach’s unique needs.

Reflective Practice

Through reflective practice, Ky encourages coaches to deeply analyze their coaching sessions and gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. By encouraging self-reflection, Ky helps coaches refine their coaching techniques, enhance their self-awareness, and become more effective in supporting their clients.

Safe & Confidential Space

At Ky’s Coaching Supervision service, coaches can openly discuss their challenges, concerns, and successes in a secure and non-judgmental environment. Ky ensures utmost confidentiality, allowing coaches to explore their coaching practice freely without any fear of breach of trust or exposure.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Ky’s Coaching Supervision service is designed to support coaches in their ongoing professional development. Through personalized coaching supervision sessions, coaches can gain new knowledge, explore new coaching techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Building Resilience

Coaching can be a demanding profession, and coaches often face various challenges and emotional burdens. Ky’s Coaching Supervision service focuses on nurturing and building coach resilience, equipping them with the tools and techniques to manage and overcome obstacles effectively.

Supportive Community

Ky’s Coaching Supervision service not only provides individual supervision but also fosters a supportive community of coaches. Through group supervision sessions and networking opportunities, coaches can connect with peers, exchange experiences, and expand their professional network.

How it Works

Invest in your growth as a coach!

Investing in Ky’s Coaching Supervision service means investing in your growth as a coach. With Ky’s expert guidance, supportive environment, and focus on personal and professional development, you can elevate your coaching practice and make a lasting impact on your clients. So why wait? Begin your journey towards excellence by reaching out to Ky’s Coaching Supervision service today!


If you know Ky, the fact that his supervision pricing is unusual won’t surprise you!!
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