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Charlie Dixon-Prior’s Testimonial

Operations Director

Caudwell Youth

Start of Coaching January 11, 2021

What was going on when you made the decision to work with me?

I had made the decission to work full time in the charity sector, and was promoted fairly quickly

What else did you try to overcome your challenges before you worked with me? What happened?

Not really sure, I’m always mindful of self care but not very good at putting into practice or creating boundaries

What has been the biggest breakthrough you’ve experienced while working with me?

Being able to take ownership when you make challenges or stand up for your team rather than feeling you’re always the person ‘speaking out’

How would you describe my coaching service to someone else?

Thought provoking, challenging, fun, kind. Give your self permission to have time for yourself and let Ky ask you the questions you don’t want to hear

What type of person do you think would benefit most from my services?

Anyone! People taking on new roles or struggling in their current role

At the end of our coaching experience (to date), how has it left your work/business situation?

Well, I’m now co-founder of a charity working with young people. So pretty good

Ky is great! And very passionate to support people and help support their vision and idea. I’d recommend anyone have a few sessions with Ky if they can

Charlie Dixon-Prior
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