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Chris’s Testimonial


Woodstock English Honey Ltd

Start of Coaching April 18, 2023

What was going on when you made the decision to work with me?

I wanted to rebrand my company and quite frankly had very little idea on how to set up a solid branding package that i can build on in the future.

What has been the biggest breakthrough you’ve experienced while working with me?

I have gained a Brand strategy, i know my company’s purpose and i have goals to achieve knowing my branding is how i want it to be and i have more knowledge on how to keep my brand in tune with where i want it to be.

It has left my work/business situation in a positive and strong position to move forward.

Ky is a fantastic coach, he gets straight to the point but at the same time makes you think about what you are doing which in turn puts the knowledge you need firmly in your memory.

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