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Josh Thompson’s Testimonial


Rural Roasts

Start of Coaching January 1, 2021

What was going on when you made the decision to work with me?

The beginning of starting to scale the business past just myself. I had got to the stage where I wanted to grow the business so that it could increase its capacity, revenue and sales and have the ability to function without my direct input

What else did you try to overcome your challenges before you worked with me? What happened?

I sought the advice from online coaches, utilising free resources and material available online. I found that it was confusing with many conflicting advice as well as a lack of accountability. I got to a stage where I had a rough idea of what to do to scale the business but needed someone to focus me in to taking action in actually doing it.

What has been the biggest breakthrough you’ve experienced while working with me?

Structure and a clear plan to execute. It’s good having the knowledge of what you need to do but having a clear and precise plan of action was the thing that helped me progress. Avoiding a scattergun approach of being busy for the sake of being busy. This helped progress the business and gave a future to work towards.

How would you describe my coaching service to someone else?

Hugely invested in your clients and their objectives, almost as if you were an employee in the business itself. The coaching is organised, professional but personable, relaxed but meaningful. It’s obvious a tremendous amount of thought goes into each session with a very clear focus on the client and their goals. I’d recommend the coaching to anyone who needs accountability, direction and focus and anyone who wants to add a key member to their team.

What type of person do you think would benefit most from my services?

Sole traders, self employed individuals and directors of companies between 1 and 20 employees. I think companies with one or two main decision makers would benefit more than a board of directors with several opinions with varying objectives and different stakeholders. For individuals who may feel alone in running their business who can’t bounce ideas off of other directors / managers.

At the end of our coaching experience (to date), how has it left your work/business situation?

I would say the coaching not only provides clear processes and plans but also highlights the importance of taking action. My business now has clear goals and values but also I know personally, more about how to progress further – the processes and strategies to use. I have a clear brand and its core personality and “who” it is trying to become and have physical material to revert back to when making decisions in the business.

Keep helping the people who need it!

Josh Thompson
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