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Kathryn’s Testimonial

Senior Early years Advisory teacher

Start of Coaching May 30, 2023

What was going on when you made the decision to work with me?

Pro bono opportunity through my coaching training. I wanted to develop as a coach so thought it would be helpful. I liked what I read on the website. It looked very professional.

What has been the biggest breakthrough you’ve experienced while working with me?

Lots of insights and skills to measure my own progress. I had two sessions of supervision from a qualified supervisor provided by my coaching provider -which was useful and effective ,however, supervision with Ky has been of a different calibre. I have found it transformative. It is difficult to articulate why but he has given me an ability to stand outside my coaching process and reflect from a distance.

vastly improved. I feel I can calibrate how I am doing and this increase my confidence and reduces rumination.

thank you

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