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Simon Haggerty’s Testimonial

Chief Marketing officer

Start of Coaching December 14, 2022

What was going on when you made the decision to work with me?

I was promoted to an executive position on the leadership team last summer and it was going okay. But I kept conflicting with my abilities (through disability) and expectation. I manage a significant number of people and found myself being hypocritical over disabled employees in that if they had issues adapting I was struggling to understand but supportive, but if I was struggling it was because I’m not good enough.

What else did you try to overcome your challenges before you worked with me? What happened?

I read a number of blogs and books, spoke to my mentor etc. They were useful but I still felt stuck

What has been the biggest breakthrough you’ve experienced while working with me?

I think the framework. Getting a model built that used Ky’s experience and disability approach combined with a process we created for assessing the situations. I know that I’m not expected to be more than anyone else on a logical front but now I can use the same framework to assess action and behaviours.

How would you describe my coaching service to someone else?

Challengingly invaluable. Ky asked me questions I’d either not thought of or not been willing to address. I felt like I could think out loud and not be sent down any self sabotaging thoughts. I thought it would be like an interview but it was the opposite. I didn’t need to get the right answer and if I didn’t know an answer, Ky helped me find it for myself.

What type of person do you think would benefit most from my services?

Anyone who thinks they should know the answers to their problem and don’t have it. Also anyone trying to work with a disability or who have disabled staff to line manage

At the end of our coaching experience (to date), how has it left your work/business situation?

I’m not done, but so far so good. I’ve got a better work life balance, I don’t demand so much of myself and can relate to those around me without feeling like a fraud.

Ky helped me see past the walls I’d built for myself and into the potential of that I could be. It’s been so long since someone helped me challenge and address my disability at work instead of generic support statements and dismissals


Simon Haggerty
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