The Coaching Process

& Frequently Asked Questions

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Session Focus

  • Pre-Session

    36h before

    I will send over a pre-coaching form by email.  It’s a simple web form about what you’d like to discuss that week.  Whilst it’s not absolutely essential, it does allow me to prep some tools, resources and techniques to help me create a better-focused session.  

  • The Session

    90 mins

    A tough one to explain in the abstract – the session really depends on the individual. Sessions range from a pure conversation, through to outdoor sessions and physical exercises (this would be something like physically rearranging items based on priority – I won’t have you doing wind sprints, don’t worry!).

    We’ll discuss these near the beginning of our relationship, to determine whether you’re interested in personality profiles and skills exercises, or if you’d get on better with reflection and discussion for example.  My point is, it’s personal.

  • Follow-Up

    72h after

    After the appointment, I’ll write up the notes and actions from our session and send you a copy to sign off on (via an online form, it’s a 2-second process).  It’s still worth keeping track of your thought and reflecting on the session on your own, but this helps us keep track of your process.

Starting Coaching

  • Chemistry Call

    Step One
    Personalities have to blend in coaching – so this call is essentially the first date. Choosing a coach is a big deal and you need to be comfortable with them; a coach is frequently a witness to highs and lows in your life. At times, you need to be comfortable discussing areas of vulnerability and not be preoccupied whilst doing this. Of course, it’s a two way call – we both need to feel that the coaching relationship will be productive, and so there are also times when I may refer clients to other coaches.
  • Contracting

    Step Two
    The contracting session is the first time we’ll sit down together (wherever possible, I prefer to conduct coaching in person but zoom sessions are available). Here, we go over the basics of confidentiality, rates, frequency – it’s the basic housekeeping of the relationship. It does touch beyond the basics onto things like core focuses (where applied), expectations, how much you’d like to be challenged or pushed, what focus on to place on tools and so on.
  • Session One

    Step Three

    …and we’re off! This is where we start to find our sea legs, do a few assessments (subject to our contract – this is usually things like discovering your best representational system, assessing workplace or leadership potential, etc).  Plus, you’ll be given your coaching journal to keep all your bits and pieces regarding coaching in one place.

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